Privacy Policy respects your privacy and the personal nature of information you post on it. This text explains which personal information we collect about you, for what purpose and how they are used.

This text is a part of the Terms & Conditions and you can also read it there. It applies to any of your personal information that is published anywhere on is an online dating website. Its purpose is to create a network of members, in order to bring together people with common interests. Each member of may create a profile which will be displayed to other Users and through the Website it may search for a partner, friends, associates or travel mates.

Registration in is optional. If you choose to register and to create a profile on nicetomeetyou.datingvoluntarily and at your own initiative you provide to some information about you, including data which can identify you (personal data), which we will proceed in order to provide you with the Services of If you have any concern or doubt or if you do not wish to display your personal information on you should not create an account, or if you already have one, you should delete it.

The personal data collected by are the following:

  • E-mail: is bound not to use your e-mail address in order to send unwanted electronic messages (spam). You will only receive e-mail about your notifications, if you explicitly declare this through the relevant option (e-mail) of “My Profile” unit.
  • Telephone number: Each member can optionally enter his/her phone number in the relevant field of his/her profile. In principle, this number shall be visible only to Premium Members. Only if you choose the relevant option (icon), your phone number will be displayed on your public profile.
  • Photographs: You can also choose which of your photos shall remain “private”, ie visible only to members to whom you will explicitly allow permission at their request, while the rest, public pictures of yours, are visible to all Users and simple visitors of
  • Conversations content: can – without being obliged to – record the content of messages sent by Users of instant messaging and real time communication services (chat) of the Website, exclusively for the detection and verification of violation of its Terms and Conditions, as specifically provided in these Terms of Use and for no other purpose. may not disclose to third parties the content of these messages, unless their author provides his/her consent or if the law or a competent authority requires so.
  • IP Address: IP Address (e.g. 123.45.678.9) is set by the User’s or the visitor’s Internet Service Provider which gives his/her PC access to the Internet and to Your IP Address is stored for technical reasons, as well as for system security reasons of (server, data base etc), while at the same time it is used for anonymous statistics. The IP Address, from which you communicated with Website, may be given to the Police and Justice Authorities if there is a legal and competent order.
  • Password  You understand that your password should be known only by you.

You have always the right to delete, edit, modify or update the Data you have provided, by using the relevant options in your account. If you wish, you can at any time permanently delete your account by choosing “Delete Account”. For any information or objection to your Data processing, please contact us at, pursuant to the provisions of data protection Law.

Ν is hereby bound not to sell, rent or by any means publish your Data to any third party. may only forward your Data to third persons or legal entities, if it has your prior consent for the transmission of your information or if it is ordered to do so, in compliance with relevant provisions of law, only to competent authorities. Moreover, the persons and legal entities that cooperate with have the right to process your Personal Data, only to the extent absolutely necessary in order to provide technical or other support to or in order to serve your own requests, and they are bound by the respective conditions about processing, keeping and protecting such data.


Cookies may use cookies to recognize you in certain services of the Website. Cookies are parcels of text sent by a server to a web client (usually a browser) and then sent back unchanged by the client each time it accesses that server and is saved at your computer’s hard disc. Cookies do not harm or damage your system in any way. Furthermore they make your navigation easier as they save your settings. You can set your browser in a way that you are notified when the use of cookies is necessary and either accept or decline the use of cookies from If you do not accept the use of cookies you will not be able to access those services.


Connection to social networking websites uses some interface applications with social networking sites such as facebook or Google+ in order to allow you to post information through these sites. These applications are completely controlled by the third companies which run these social media. Consequently, is not responsible for their function. In some pages of you will see the logos of social networking sites like facebook, Google+ This means that if you click for example “like”, your action will be transferred and posted on your profile on facebook website. You can learn more about the way these social media work and about the protection of your personal information in them, by following these links:




Contact us takes your opinions and comments on our Privacy Policy very seriously. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about privacy issues and about the security of your information, do not hesitate to contact us at



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